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History of the development of China's household water purifier and technology trends
In recent years, with the United States, Supor, Shuaikang well-known domestic electrical appliances or kitchen electrical leaders in business and GE, Amway, AO Smith and other multinational companies involved in the domestic home water purifier industry, for a time, water purifier, this development in China unknown industry for 20 years, attracted the attention of the investment companies, the media, businesses, dealers, and many groups.
Unfortunately, very few of the information on this industry if the stars, I had the privilege to stay in this industry for five years, contact some of the industry experts or their predecessors, listening to their teachings, will now these "Gulao-legend text The form of the record, to satisfy the interest of readers, and are subject to error, also invited readers to enlighten me.
A home water purifier category and the course of development, stage
We usually like the home water purifier called "water home improvement industry, water appliances, home water purifier, In fact, the industry, which is somewhat different:
No. Name core technology functions
1 pure water machine (straight drink machine)
Less than 0.001 micron RO reverse osmosis membrane desalination rate up to 90% or more
Adjusting water softener resin the magnesium ion, to ease scale
3 ultrafiltration machine
UF ultrafiltration 0.02-0.001 microns, and removing particles, bacteria, viruses, humic class
4 activated carbon / PP / PP cotton, cotton filters, activated carbon adsorption of residual chlorine in water, organic matter, etc.
5 microfilters
MF microfiltration membranes 0.5-0.02 microns, removing particles, bacteria, viruses
The 6 functional water machine (cup) electrolytic ore manufacture of a variety of functional water
7 piping drinking water combined film direct drinking water
(3), (4) and (5), ultrafiltration (microfilters) and activated carbon filters, generally used in combination, the author of these types of packaged called "water purifier" (including Net buckets); this industry, let's call it a home water purifier for unified concept.
As for (7) single row, because its only column belong to the project.
Home water purifier products should belong to the "exotic" As of now, roughly divided into four stages:
1, 1990 - 1995. During this period, the basic products to be imported from abroad, used by some of the high-end crowd, most of the people have no knowledge of the price up to more than million, Hainan liters has begun to intervene.
Keywords: high prices, few people know the main imports.
2,1996 to 2000. Development of this period, domestic household water treatment market can be described as turbulent, and then combined with the the dispenser (net bucket, a purification device placed on the dispenser), like Angel, Patio, beauty and so on in that period developed , Jia Bennett, the Netherlands, home plumbing, springs, Jinliyuan as a rising star, also began to emerge, Guangdong and Zhejiang become the second largest production base.
Keywords: booming market, confusing technical price war; domestic manufacturers to develop; harsh competition and lead to the industry as a whole do not trust.
3,2001 to 2005. This period, the household water purification industry event is a great shock, "Phoenix"! Taizhou, Jiangsu Phoenix water by strong market operations, look at this industry to ignite! Although the Phoenix water calamity, but Phoenix has trained a group of people, affecting a number of people.
During this period, Jiang Su Aihui Pu Everpure introduced to China again pulled high, the price of water purifier, gave the industry some breathing space, this is worth in letters.
During this period, the pipeline direct drinking water as a state-of-the-art water in various parts of China to flourish, particularly rapid development of these three districts in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shenzhen Water, water management in Shanghai, Nanjing water cup emerging group of outstanding enterprises.
Bottled water, home water purifier, direct drinking water (mostly in engineering) Troika as household water treatment, in this period force, and will co-exist for a long time in the future.
Yitai at this time also enter in Nanjing, China, Taiwan technology, lapping technology section to control the quality!
Functional water machine in this period has been the rapid development, there are many well-known enterprises such as Nanjing in the veins, their later years, Shenzhen Homay Bridgman, etc..
Keywords: technology development, industry impact, domestic manufacturers and the imported brands wings flying together; retail, engineering, sales, export.
4,2006 - Present (after 3-5 years). During this period, most industry stakeholders are familiar with, so brief, a group of veteran manufacturers EcoWater overflow Thailand, Everpure, springs to be an unprecedented development, a group of rookie began to emerge, such as Nanjing Shi Bao Kang, Nanjing Hung Bi outstanding manufacturers three have in common, technology, marketing, service and three sets of car do remarkable price war again began to take shape, the overall strength of the incompetent manufacturers began withdraw from the market, the market to get a preliminary specification after Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, became the third water purifier district, maintaining the characteristics of the Soviet Union, the focus on technology, healthy market development.
This period also some noteworthy phenomenon:
From a technical point of view, no longer lonely voice in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea the factions began landing stage, as the appliance industry, Europe and the United States, mainland China, Japan and South Korea three technical school in the home water purifier industry continues to repeat itself, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".
From a marketing perspective, Suning, Gome, large chain stores; Kellogg family, home, music, Jinsheng large supermarket building materials and other consumer Wadi start showing a home water purifier, and a range of specialty shops everywhere, projects supporting abound turns educate consumers; TV commercials, newspaper ads, meeting spread, at this stage of consumer awareness of home water purifier than 2005 not know how many times stronger!
From the service point of view, many manufacturers began to promote the idea of the former station to serve as a marketing, together with marketing a combination of boxing, many dealers have begun to focus on service, maintenance user "viscosity" in the competition.
Keywords: market expansion, specifications, shuffle, Japan and South Korea, technology, price war, Jiangsu production base.
Engaged in the field of view of the author (Zhang Xudong), the following will be to focus on the water purifier, incidental discussion of home water purifier.
Second, at this stage, the technology category of household water purifier
The serial type characteristics behalf brand
1 mixed type filter material is packed in a casing the Everpure, springs, Jinliyuan, (including net bucket)
2 integrated single-function filter material, claiming to be one, system integration plumbing home, beauty, Nanjing hung Pitt
3 single type of product is only one filter, and a functional stand for promotion
1, mixed type. Belongs to European and American schools of its advantages is between (2) (3) between the two, relatively simple, easy-to large-scale production; sales caliber simple, easy to spread.
From a technical perspective, these products use the premise of the raw water quality is better (qualified urban water supply), large aperture, high flow, otherwise, if an excessive tap water will lead to some kind of filter life shortening or water purification The machine itself has no ability to solve, so that the filtration efficiency of the whole machine can not be guaranteed.
2 integrated. Originated in the United Kingdom, the massive rise in Japan and South Korea. The advantage is that the water from place to place, and do not ask for the raw water quality, are customized products.
From a technical point of view, these products are more suitable for Chinese Hydrological different regimen, the customization process, matching filter, more scientific.
But, from a cost point of view, because the the filter styles such products, higher production costs (with the other two categories ratio).
3, a single type. Belonging to the local Chinese genre. Its advantages are simple structure, a single powerful, easy-to large-scale production, easy to spread, promote.
From a technical point of view, due to China's water quality vary widely, the individual champion may not be greater than the "Almighty King" is more suitable for water quality in China.
Together, these three categories technical schools will coexist in the future for a long period of time, and integrated technologies, development prospects may be better.
At this stage home water purifier brand category
The serial brand attributes representatives brand Remarks
1 imported Everpure Taiwan Everpure
The 2 foreign localization Kaifu Long imitate foreign technology
3 domestic springs to imitate foreign technology
4 joint venture Nanjing Hung Bi market for foreign technology
"Big names" in the famous saying, "not the best, but for the most expensive" most representative of consumer culture in China, cheap things we do not have confidence in; circle of the moon than the Chinese.
In this market environment, many manufacturers began to walk the road of "Quxianjiuguo", and some companies, some brands, try a little foreign flavor.
Home water purifier membrane technology and activated carbon Technical Analysis
1, activated carbon, ultra-membrane (microfiltration membrane) "material" and "structure".
Ultrafiltration about 60% of the organic contamination can be removed, but not remove chlorine, and in the case of no pretreatment, the membrane life may be shortened; while the activated carbon can be removed about 80% of the organic pollution, but due to The nature of activated carbon, it will become a "hotbed" of the bacteria in household water treatment technology, the general will of activated carbon and ultrafiltration (microfiltration membranes) used in combination.
Let us talk about the film. Better foreign the ultrafiltration membrane DOW, sea can, Andrews film, Toray membrane, Saehan, GE film, made in China better Hainan liters film days in Tianjin, Wuhan the OAK, Kunshan way.
Ultrafiltration membrane from the point of view performance (obdurability), temporary foreign brands, domestic brands in technology has shown signs of catching up trend.
Material, the ultrafiltration membrane technology within a short time there will be no major breakthrough, no need to dwell on the technology as a business promotion, just find the appropriate pore size membrane silk is tough, the membrane wall easy to clean can be.
Structure, most manufacturers are to buy back the assembly, the difference is not too large.
And then talk about the activated carbon.
After so many years of the development of the foreign limit activated carbon, so some domestic activated carbon with international brands of activated carbon has been technically equivalent "Dan".
The more types of activated carbon used in household water treatment technology is generally compressed activated carbon, granular activated carbon, powdered activated carbon (the latter two also known as bulk carbon).
From the material point of view: coal, coconut shell, husk material on the points.
Powdered activated carbon is greater than the granular activated carbon from the adsorption effect: greater than compressed activated carbon (PP cotton, but also play a role)
From a structural point of view, the difference may be big!
Role dependent on three factors, activated carbon adsorption area, filtration time, PH value.
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