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The rapid rise of home water purifier water purifier industry into the new darling of the market

Meanwhile, China's vast rural market, compared to rural drinking water environment need to be resolved. The face of the huge cake of the water purifier market, domestic water purifier market already smoke. Water purifier as a new force in the industry quickly rise, and growing, well-known foreign brands to enter the Chinese water purifier market greatly accelerate the development of the industry. Import brands, based on Feiou Te, Everpure, 3M representatives, they also attempt to win a share in the field of water purifiers, water purifier market will become a focal point of contention by the Chinese and foreign giant.

The advantages of home water purifier important position in the growing market. As we all know, the cost of the use of bottled water is being constantly upgrade and can only solve the family problem of drinking water; fact, in Europe 20 years ago, or two points of water purifiers and bottled water world; Today, 20 years later, the home water purifier have occupied more than 80% of the market share. The day was born in the European market from the household water purifier, household water purifiers to the average annual growth rate of more than 35% of the rapid growth in Europe.

Home water purifier market situation

(A) objective factors positive, the market demand is huge. China since the reform and opening up, the rapid industrial development and increasing environmental pollution, and at the same time on the water, and now we have been commonplace for the frequent occurrence of water pollution events; environmental opposition named our revenue continues to improve, which makes it the pursuit of higher quality of life, and as a baiyao king water is naturally the most attention, the family would choose to use bottled water to solve the drinking water problem for good people to pursue a high quality of life, and the arrival of the water purifier not only can solve the problem of drinking water to can solve domestic water, natural market potential and market demand.

(B) prominent brand position. Domestic household water purifier market after more than ten years of development, although the size of the market is not great, but overall is still in fierce competition state. The data show that in this area of the home water purifier, manufacturers reached three thousand. As technology continues to improve, household water purifiers in China has entered the electronic era of computer-controlled. The technology gap between the home water purifier brand is quite obvious, which makes a strong R & D, production capacity of the brand becoming a household water purifier brand. Like Quan Lu, net of the spring, Angel, Patio, United States and other quality of domestic brands in the country, they have their own best-selling area.

(C) the dominant professional brand, in recent years, a number of large household appliances enterprises have noticed a large potential market of household water purifiers, such as Midea, Haier, but people familiar with the professional water purifier brand Lu Quan, the straight drink machine brand is net of the spring.

Haier, Midea and other large appliances manufacturers brand of household water purifier market is eyeing, but Quan Lu, net of the spring, Patio, Angel, and other professional firms still firmly grasp the pulse of the development of the water purifier market, professional vendors been able to dominate the home water purifier market, mainly because they have the following competitive advantages: First, specialization: home water purifier operators have realized that in order to be large, but highly competitive home water purifier market a firm foothold and become a leader in specialized direction is the only way. Secondly, the difference: home water purifier products currently on the market function, appearance and details homogenization of serious, and mostly middle and low popularity. Scale: the ambition to compete in the country, the key is to see the foundation of the brand itself. Thousands of Baidu, must have its own production base.

Brand enhancement

Last year, Angel water purifier announced spending huge sums, "home water purifier experts" determined to build a brand image, hope in 2015 to establish the absolute lead in household water purifier on the market through the establishment of community entities nationwide experience shop, establish a dominant position in the net of the spring home water purifier market. Subsequently, other manufacturers also announced the restructuring of its brand strategy, professional brands have realized, order before large appliance brand to seize the market, it must implement the brand reengineering.

Enabling emerging channels

Home water purifier products market sales channels can be divided into two types of traditional channels and emerging channels. Traditional channels, large shopping centers, small and medium-sized shopping centers, as well as from Wujinjiaodian shift from electrical shops, is currently the main channel home water purifier product sales, accounting for about 40% of the total sales of household water purifiers; emerging channels main home appliance chain (such as Gome, Dazhong, Suning, etc.), integrated chain of mainly foreign brands (such as Carrefour, Wal-Mart, etc.), building materials chain (such as Orient Home Homemart foreign brands such as B & Q, Europe times Germany OBI).

Traditional bottled water market share shrinking, household water purifiers advantage by virtue of its safe, compact, energy-saving, easy to become the new darling of the home water purifier market, much of the consumer favorite. China Water Industry Association vice president, Mr. Gu Chuanjiu said: the next three to five years, the market will be bigger and bigger, the product sales and market share will show explosive growth. It seems that the rapid rise in home water purifier just around the corner

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