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"SRO system reverse osmosis drinking purified water system equipment"

Nature: Mandatory
Effectiveness: the current
Status: Develop
Issued by: National Bureau of Oceanography
Number: HY / T 068-2002
Date: 12302002
Implementation date: 0212003
Senses of the standard product water quality indicators, physical and chemical indicators, consistent with the provisions of GB 17324-1998.
The Standard Appendix A Appendix Appendix B are standard.
The standard by the China Film Industry Association.
The standard is under the jurisdiction of the National Marine Standards and Metrology Center.
The standard by the State Oceanic Administration, Hangzhou Development Center of Water Treatment Technology, Tianjin Polytechnic University MOTIMO technology engineering company responsible for drafting.
Main drafters of this standard: Shen Yan Zhang, Zhang Weirun Huangfu FY, Sun Zhiying.

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