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CAS Chemistry Research: the pursuit of pure water nanofiltration

News of Columbus, Ohio, December 13, a report of the world chemical information authority - American Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) disclosure, the scarcity of water resources, the Asian countries set off a wave of water purification innovative research. "CAS Chemistry Research Report: Nanofiltration pursuit of pure water that nanofiltration is now the most effective water purification research study methods, and Asian researchers in a leading position in the nanofiltration business development patent.
According to data from the Asian Development Bank, as of 2030, the Asian countries will be faced with a 40% deficit in the supply and demand of water resources. Today's report indicates that, over the past 20 years, the Asian Patent bodies in 60% of all nanofiltration-related patent literature. Which owns 33% of patents related to nanofiltration, the number of publishing in Japan and South Korea, respectively, 16% and 10%. At the same time, the nanofiltration journals published by the United States the world's leading. During the 1990 - 2009, the the nanofiltration journals published by the United States accounted for a quarter of all the journals.
"The Asian population is rapidly increasing much faster than other countries facing water scarcity," said Christine McCue, vice president of CAS Marketing. "CAS databases show the Asian Patent institutional efforts to alleviate water scarcity threats brought by rapid population growth, is in the leading position in the the nanofiltration business development research, far more than the United States and other Western countries."
Nanofiltration pure water through the filter removing impurities from water, salt, oil, disinfectants, and mercury. Nanofiltration systems are generally smaller than the reverse osmosis (RO) having a higher filtration velocity under the same pressure, and a more inexpensive and environmentally friendly.
"Nanofiltration in our factory applications, a significant reduction in waste emissions, reduce energy consumption and improve the utilization of raw materials," said Gerrald Bargeman, team leader of Akzo Nobel NV (AkzoNobel) separation technology. According to the CAS Chemistry Research Report, Akzo Nobel NV (AkzoNobel) in a leading position in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and nanofiltration number of patents.
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