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Reverse osmosis pure water main equipment

1 strainer
① strainers which type
Strainer is different according to the size of the filtered water, the most common quartz sand filter, non-woven filter filter and PP fiber cartridge filter, the length of the non-woven filter and PP fiber filter is most commonly used 10-inch and 20 inch two types of filter pore size is generally used as a coarse filter for 25u.
②, strainers
The strainer role is to remove the larger particle size of suspended impurities in water, avoid these impurities into the activated carbon filter, cover the surface of activated carbon, the pore structure of activated carbon loses the ability to adsorb water impurities.
(3) Why strainer maintenance and how to maintain
Strainers rose sharply with the interception of solid impurities increase resistance, the gradual decline in the water flow. Without timely treatment, can not meet the water flow requirements for follow-up treatment processes. Sand filters, the pressure is increased to a certain extent, should be promptly after backwashing. Backwash when some of the fine sand out of the filter should be regularly supplemented with sand, so the sand filter sand after repeated backwash, the degree of fragmentation increases, each backwash possible, rinse the sand in the remaining sludge is gradually increased, the sands will appear "harden" phenomenon, and should be replaced sands. Woven or PP fiber filter, the filter pore is clogged generally difficult to rinse with water, replace the filter regularly.

2, activated carbon filters
①, activated carbon filters do
The role of activated carbon filter to remove organic macromolecules, iron oxide, chlorine. Organics, chlorine, iron oxides easy to make ion exchange resin poisoning, chlorine, cationic surface active agent would make the resin poisoning, but also damage the membrane structure, so that the failure of the reverse osmosis membrane.
②, why maintain the activated carbon filter
The activated carbon filter is the use of the pores of the activated carbon has a rich the macromolecular organic compounds to water, chlorine, iron oxides and other colloidal substances adsorption filter, this adsorption is irreversible, i.e. activated carbon have a certain saturated absorption capacity, once adsorption saturation, activated carbon loses adsorption properties, the method can not be used to backwash rushed pollutants. In addition, activated carbon adsorption of organic matter, bacteria rich in nutrients, causing the large population of bacteria in the activated carbon filter, but increased the microbial content of the water after activated carbon filter.
③, activated carbon filter how to maintain
Activated carbon adsorption saturation, periodic backwashing to rush out a large number of the activated carbon surface bacteria group and suspended solids. New activated carbon activated carbon adsorption saturation should be immediately replaced, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage of the reverse osmosis membrane.

3 softener
①, softener
The softener role removal of calcium and magnesium ions, the water softening. If no softener or softener VALID, calcium, magnesium concentration sharply increased in the reverse osmosis membrane surface, which formed a water-insoluble precipitate,
Clogging the reverse osmosis membrane holes, and shorten the life of the reverse osmosis membrane.
②, why softener maintenance and how to maintain
The system pure water softener is generally the sodium form cation exchange resin, regeneration of the exchange resin is saturated with salt. After a few years of use, the resin crushing more and more serious, gradually lost softening ability. Particularly when the activated carbon
Filter adsorption saturation unutilized timely replacement of activated carbon, the iron of the raw water, organics, chlorine directly into the softener, so that the resin poisoning resin once the poisoning, it is not reproduced to restore activity.
Should replace the resin when the resin exchange capacity decreased.

4, reverse osmosis is the core component of the pure water system, raw water by reverse osmosis filtration after pretreatment and to reach reverse osmosis membrane requirements became pure water, so do the maintenance work of the reverse osmosis is key to ensure pure water quality. The salt concentration of the surface of the membrane of the reverse osmosis membrane in the work process is higher than the concentration in the body fluid, a phenomenon called concentration polarization. The consequences of the concentration polarization so that some salts precipitate on the membrane surface, clogging the water passage of a reverse osmosis membrane production, so that the decline in the water production of the film. Will be deposited on the membrane surface to the organic matter in water is continuously flushed or periodic flushing out, especially some of the surface charge of the reverse osmosis membrane, will attract charged organics and its viscosity on the film surface. Than salts of organic matter in the surface of the film deposited on the membrane damage caused in the membrane surface precipitation worse, sometimes this damage is irreversible. Membrane surface organic matter and the concentration of various salts are far higher than the main flow, provides rich nutrition for the propagation of bacteria. Microorganisms groups not only clog water production channel, but also due to the reverse osmosis membrane is organic matter will be decomposed by microorganisms, causing irreversible damage. Oxidizing substances in water, such as chlorine and other enrichment and enrichment in the film table to a certain extent beyond the concentration of the film itself can withstand the reverse osmosis membrane will quilt oxidation decomposition.

These factors a gradual reduction of the reverse osmosis membrane water production rate gradually rose through the salt, pure water quality. Under normal circumstances, the life of the reverse osmosis membrane is 2-5 years. The reverse osmosis membrane damage should be promptly replaced, otherwise it will not only affect the water production and water quality deterioration.

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