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2006 Nantong Angel KDF / GAC whole house water purifier products sales policy

General Provisions
To promote a whole house water purifier products market development efforts to further improve the market share of open cooperation, vigorously development partners, the establishment of the agency distribution system, the development of a number of strong regional agents to join the water treatment career together, achieve mutual win-win goal. We intend to join my colleagues to express our sincere thanks!

Agent cooperation
First, the market prospects
With economic development, the increasingly serious pollution of the water environment is not only seriously plaguing the national economy and the people's livelihood, and has become the main factors restricting the sustainable socio-economic development. Therefore, the majority of the people are eager to improve water quality, improve the quality of life. I developed KDF / GAC whole house water purifier products, which are widely used in industrial and residential water treatment systems, the rapid increase in market demand.
Second, our strengths
Mong-Mart brand KDF / GAC whole house water purifier products research and development, production, and has independent intellectual property rights. Has applied for several patents, reliable product quality, low price, which is a major feature of our products. We will be better to update the product to the dealer a return on the long-term interests.
Third, the preferential agency policy
We are implementing a regional development agency policies, select a partner to ensure that the interests of agents in the same region.
Fourth, our commitment to
While expanding our product line, we focused on the technical requirements for products to carry out marketing and training of the work, we provide full support to the agents, business development for agents to worry about lifting.

Acting Process
Application agent
Understand the familiar love the water treatment industry, home water purification industry, residential district management business strength, family economic strength, industrial and commercial households.
2, those who wish to apply for a regional agency, please fill out the form below:

Applicant company:
Address: Zip Code:
Tel: Fax:
Founded: Company website:
Main business: company size:
Agency areas: agent marketing ideas:
3, a copy of your company's business license, company profile, the sponsor ID card copy.
4 a copy of the business license of the Company, Company Profile, bid ID card copy mailed to my company, and the official seal on the Company Profile.
, I received the above information with your contact, the implementation of the specific issues in seven working days.
6, signed the agency agreement to become a regional agents and duly authorized.
Tel :0513 -85,544,905 Fax 0513 -85,601,385
Contact: weekly benefits E-mail:
Agency policy.
A company in Nantong Angel regional sales authorized by two ways:
A, the provincial agent B, urban an agent
Lower network ownership of membership area the immediate superiors agents, strict protection of the agent qualifications at all levels of interests, and promote the healthy development of the network.
- Provincial distributor:
Provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), the sole agent. In principle, to set up provincial general agent, the the provincial agent should be merit-generated city level agents.
- City a dealer:
1 per 1 million population over the city, the establishment of a city level agents (except municipalities).
2, city level agents have the right to establish their own distribution channels the 1-2 tier distributors within the jurisdiction shall establish and reported to the company for the record.
3, the urban level agents in addition to the nominal minimum purchase value, specific assessment indicators according to the corresponding region separately assessed.
Second, the price policy
1, price policy contains a proxy price selling price, a sub-four price system (Group buy), wholesale price and market guidance.
2, the price of all kinds of products according to the supplier price stipulated by the 2006 price list.
3, the wholesale price of the provisions of the minimum price, the market guide price for dealers around the reference.
Third, the promotion policy
1, Nantong Angel agent of the products and products with competitive prices.
2, Nantong Angel corresponding national certification, health permits, plane publicity and product information.
3, Nantong Angel will regularly participate in professional exhibition publicity, brand promotion and print media in water treatment, in order to expand the popularity of the product.
Fourth, incentives
Nantong Angel will be based on the actual situation of the area of agents and agent, combined with the completion of the annual sales targets agents, at the end of the year, given a 3% sales completed rebate incentives to return the form of proxy products .
V., sales support
A unified national price.
Adjust product prices due to changes in the market, determined by the mutual consultation safeguard win at all levels of generation rate.
Sixth, the contract was signed
Agents only required under the contract on the basis of signed contracts before they take effect.

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